Because when you stop and look around you,
this life is pretty amazing.

I saw this quote in a shop a few years ago and it stopped me in my tracks. What a perfect way to sum up an idea that I’ve subconsciously lived my life by. The power of stopping for a moment… to take a deep breath… and look at this dazzling world around us. Doing this has always inspired and motivated everything I do in my life including my photography.

My husband once told me the two things he loves about me are:
1. My passion for people.
2. The fact I notice the tiny details in the hustle and bustle of life, which influences my photography and, he believes, sets me apart.

Why weddings?
Because I love them. From the anticipation and stillness of the bride and groom getting ready, to capturing the absolute joy of old friends greeting each other as the guests arrive, to the most exciting part…having the HUGE privilege of capturing the love between two wonderful people. Every couple is unique, every story is different.

So if you appreciate the power of stopping and taking a moment to look at this amazing world around us, then contact me. Together we can capture the story of your special day in an authentic, relaxed and beautiful way.

Two time Finalist in Head on Festival, Student Category, 2014.
Studied at the Australian Centre for Photography (ACP). 


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