Lavender Bay Wedding

Wedding photographer / Lavender Bay wedding

A laid back and beautiful ceremony under the Harbour Bridge at Milions point, followed by a picnic at Lavender Bay.

Jo & Tez didn’t even know they had a photographer for their Wedding until a week before! Ok let me explain…

Their awesome friends booked me as a surprise wedding gift. This poem that they wrote sums it up well:

Dear Jo & Tez

We’re sorry we can’t be there for the wedding of the century.
We’re all so gutted to be missing out
But having a Sydney ceremony is truly a great shout


So to help you both remember this special day
We’ve got you a pressie to stop the memories fading away
A photographer courtesy of your honoured Sydney guests


Whose reputation around Sydney is simply the best
So when we’re old and grey and still playing Pictionary
We’ll look back at this day that was so extraordinary

 Jo & Tez are two of those rare people in life that you feel like you’ve always known.

The day started with a wonderful ceremony under the infamous Sydney Harbour Bridge (what a spot!), followed by a lip smackingly good picnic at Lavender Bay, a secret spot that I suggested to them. A great spot to get away from the crowds whilst still having an amazing view.

I think the highlight of the day had to be Tez’s homemade sausage rolls that went down so well I didn’t even have a chance to grab one!

See some sneak peak photos below. Or the full gallery here. wedding. milsons point, luna park, lavender bay. wedding milson point, luna park, lavender bay. Jo and Tez