A SHOT AT ‘YES’- Celebrating love

The answer is ‘YES’



I write this with anticipation and excitement as Australia inches closer to saying ‘yes’ to marriage equality.

The same-sex marriage vote means more than a ‘yes’ or a ‘no’, it means LOVE and LIFE is equally valued, equally shared, and equally captured. And while it is a move that should have already been accepted, I’m excited to share in the journey that is same-sex marriage as a gay friendly wedding photographer.

I LOVE the sound of that.

It’s about capturing the moments for those who had to wait.

It’s about making those long anticipated moments last forever.

But, above all, it’s about love.

Gay friendly wedding photographer Sydney Australia two gay men holding each other with the ocean behind

As a gay friendly wedding photographer, it’s my intention to celebrate the moments with those who have waited longest. Every photo, every angle, every pose will capture the story that you have been waiting to tell.

The story of same-sex marriage.

The story of marriage equality.


The story of true love.

While the City of Sydney is working to offer free same-sex weddings for 100 days after the ‘YES’ vote is pushed through, I’m here (ready and waiting) to introduce your UNBREAKABLE, HONEST, legal union to the rest of the world through the best in same-sex wedding photography.

Whether you’re thinking of marrying in one of Sydney’s most luscious parks, or on one of Sydney’s most famous beaches, I’ll be there with my camera-in-hand ready to capture the moment you say ‘I DO’ to the one you love.

Finally, there are no exceptions.

As a gay friendly wedding photographer,  I am motivated by the possibility of capturing images that truly showcase an HISTORIC MOMENT of acceptance. I am EXCITED to be able to work with same-sex couples on the day that celebrates not only LOVE but also, EQUALITY.

From the early morning celebratory champagnes, to the late night party, every aspect of your special day will be captured ensuring that it is excitedly remembered for years to come. Same-sex weddings never looked so good.

I take great pride and humility in my work and, as a gay friendly wedding photographer, will do my utmost to make sure that the images I capture will blow your socks off.


All fleeting moments will be captured, as we work together to create a brief that brings your ideas to life, and leaves your images as the masterpiece on your coffee table.

I offer a range of different packages that suit every budget, every taste and every style. Capturing your love in images is only the beginning of what will be one of the best moments of your life.

Whether you are gay, lesbian, straight or anything in between, your love and commitment to YOUR SOUL MATE is what becomes the very essence of the photographs I take, which you’ll keep and enjoy forever.

It would be an absolute honour to be part of your special day.


Lets toast to love!


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*Images at not my own. Credit: Pinterest.